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Dien Bien Phu and the First Indochina War [Part 1]

The French, Vietnamese Nationalism and Communism, and American Imperialism (Part 1 of 2, from French colonization to putative independence and war against France.  The story below is largely derived from my books Vietnam and the Transformation of American Life, and … Continue reading

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Death Cults, Wildcats, and Liberal Civility

For about a week now, media and liberal hysterics have been riveted to scenes of protestors in many states having outdoor demonstrations to demand that “the economy” reopen.  They’re white people, many of whom are hoisting Confederate flags and Trump … Continue reading

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Older and Wiser, and Vote-Shaming

Donald Trump had barely been inaugurated when the warnings started, in political discussions, memes, social media postings, everywhere.  In the next election, non-Trump supporters were obliged, with no discussion or demurral allowed, to vote for whomever the Democratic running for … Continue reading

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“…waste your summer prayin’ in vain for a savior to rise from these streets.”

Voting is okay, Organizing is mandatory, Resistance is essential Now that Sanders is officially out, the dead end of electoralism could not be more clear. During Sanders bid for the 2020 presidency, he raised a staggering $180 million, including some … Continue reading

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We are the Forces of Movement

  There’s still a lot to learn from Arno Mayer and Gabriel Kolko Arno Mayer is one of the more important historians in modern times. His works have influenced more than one generation of historians, particularly those of us on … Continue reading

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The United States and the World, from the 18th Century to Today: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Winter 2020

I–Intro Opening—statements from US presidents as opening: Trump—“America First” Obama—“American Exceptionalism” Bush on 9/11 and Terrorism Bill Clinton on Globalization— Background—Key themes in American foreign policy— Growth of Power National Security Mission/Democracy Expansion Economics/Trade/Investment Origins of … Continue reading

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The Economy is ________? Fake news about U.S. economic strength (with updates)

Over the past year or more, there’s been a consistent narrative that the U.S. economy is doing well and on the uptick. While most recognize that Trump’s descriptions of a “perfect economy” or “the best economy in history” are absurd, … Continue reading

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David Barsamian @ UH

David Barsamian Speaking @ UH Wednesday, April 3d, 4:00 p.m.  210 Agnes Arnold Hall “Rise Up & Resist!” David Barsamian is the founder and director of the Alternative Radio Network, and frequent collaborator with Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Edward Said, … Continue reading

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Trump Tax Returns? Really?

So several media outlets are reporting that the new House in January is going to demand Trump’s tax returns  (See Here). Really? That’s at the top of the “to do” list?? The election was about health care, gun safety, immigration, … Continue reading

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“The Commodification of the Vietnam War: Popular Culture and American Militarism”

From Condemnation to Restoration (Talk at Université Grenoble Alpes, 25 April 2018)     Capitalism, Politics, Power, and History Gramsci and the cultural politics of the elites Debord’s “spectacle” and “the autocratic reign of the market.” Tom Frank’s “Conquest of … Continue reading

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