Green and Red–the Scrappy Podcast for Scrappy Lefties

Green and Red on YouTube

Green and Red Podcast

Green and Red Podcast isn’t hooked in to the hip Brooklyn political scene.

Green and Red Podcast doesn’t score cheap points by insulting Noam Chomsky and others who have been involved in the struggle longer than many self-described radicals have been alive.

Green and Red Podcast doesn’t have East Coast institutional or financial support to power its way to huge listening numbers and big donations.

Green and Red Podcast doesn’t get the publicity that trendy Left stars like the Young Turks, or Krystal Ball, Chapo, or the bros at the Jacobin Soviet do.

Green and Red just brings you hardcore activists, people in the streets, movement people, scrappy activists who are working with the poor, homeless, hungry, unions, environmental groups and other people who want to create a radical world.

Green and Red Podcast isn’t the biggest or best-known Left podcast, it just has the most important activists talking about the most crucial issues facing us today, both politically and historically.

Please check out the Green and Red Podcast, so the revolution can be televised.

We’re committed to talking with people who are doing the most vital work–activists in the streets in Portland, Seattle, New Orleans and other areas where the struggle is being waged; people doing mutual aid; environmental organizers ; union progressives; Left scholars who do great work but don’t get the attention they deserve. We feature radical politics and radical history. We’ve recently done shows on the rebellion in Portland, anarchism, the problem of cop unions, the Atomic Bomb, the New Left, the violent right-wing street militias, Trump and the election, and Indigenous Peoples Day nee Columbus Day, among others.

Please watch and listen and please SHARE, so the people we talk to can get the word out about all the great stuff going on in various Left communities.

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