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Oligarchs Want Cruz Control

“Cruz gains steam with 2 wins on ‘Super Saturday’”  (Washington Post Headline, 6 March 2016) Donald Trump has really rattled the ruling class. Cruz won a few more delegates, but yesterday’s results were consistent with previous GOP primaries yet the … Continue reading

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Presidential Penises–the Johnson Precedent

Pretty much everyone’s become engorged with rage over Donald Trump’s not-so-cryptic reference to his penis size in the GOP Prez Debate a few days ago.  But when it comes to presidential johnsons, he’s not in the same league as President … Continue reading

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Batshitville, A.K.A. Texas

I haven’t gotten apoplectic over Donald Trump, like so many of my associates on the Left.  It terrified me that he’s unleashed the Brown Shirts at his rallies, and I don’t know that they’ll be contained, but Trump himself is … Continue reading

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