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Death Cults, Wildcats, and Liberal Civility

For about a week now, media and liberal hysterics have been riveted to scenes of protestors in many states having outdoor demonstrations to demand that “the economy” reopen.  They’re white people, many of whom are hoisting Confederate flags and Trump … Continue reading

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Older and Wiser, and Vote-Shaming

Donald Trump had barely been inaugurated when the warnings started, in political discussions, memes, social media postings, everywhere.  In the next election, non-Trump supporters were obliged, with no discussion or demurral allowed, to vote for whomever the Democratic running for … Continue reading

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Blame China, not Capitalism?

In maybe 30 minutes this morning I’ve seen about a half-dozen stories attacking China and blaming it for COVID-19, in The Guardian, WaPo, Foreign Policy and other publications. That’s not a coincidence….the media has joined in Trump’s crusade to deflect … Continue reading

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“…waste your summer prayin’ in vain for a savior to rise from these streets.”

Voting is okay, Organizing is mandatory, Resistance is essential Now that Sanders is officially out, the dead end of electoralism could not be more clear. During Sanders bid for the 2020 presidency, he raised a staggering $180 million, including some … Continue reading

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