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Huddled Masses–Keep Out!

Not since I had to remember and recite “The New Colossus” in elementary school have I seen so many references to Emma Lazarus’s poem on the Statue of Liberty as in the past week. “Give me your tired, your poor, … Continue reading

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Who You Gonna’ Believe, Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes? Trump and Media

Love Them, They’re Liberals (An Occasional Series) Headlines on the NY Times website today (January 22d) “White House Pushes ‘Alternative Facts.’ Here Are the Real Ones” “With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift” And from HuffPo … Continue reading

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Memo to Jill Stein: “I Cost Hillary the Election”

I don’t know any of the Little League candidates running who ran for Prez in 2016, but I do have some advice for them, which I offer here: Take the Rap. Take the hit.  Stand up, say it loud and … Continue reading

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MLK for Sale? How to Package a Radical (Redux)

[I wrote this last year and was going to write something similar or revise this but realized I really can’t add much that isn’t said here.  The sanitization of King continues as liberals continue to shred his legacy to make … Continue reading

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Normalizing Trump and the Power of Gold (showers): Love Them, They’re Liberals (An Occasional Series)

“I can take about an hour on the tower of power/’Long as I gets a little golden shower” Frank Zappa, “Bobby Brown,” Sheik Yerbouti —— Today’s NYT website headline:  “How a Sensational, Unverified Dossier Became a Crisis for Donald Trump” … Continue reading

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