Green and Red Podcast…..for Scrappy Politics, Scrappy History, Scrappy People

Since beginning our podcast in February, Scott Parkin and I have produced and hosted 36 episodes, and we’re really proud of what we’ve done.  We’ve had on scholars and organizers/activists, people who’ve been involved in movements for peace and justice for a long time and are well-known, and younger people who are doing exciting work and creating new organizations and new means of activism.

Below is a list of our 36 episodes so far, both in podcast and, more recently, video form.

There are podcasts  on labor, on activism, on COVID-19, on military and military opposition to Trump, on the history of liberalism, on important events from the past, on Racism and Rebellion, and other topics.  We’ve interviewed people who are doing vital work today but aren’t in the limelight.  We’ve talked about many issues before they became issues in the larger media.  And we’ve had on many guests who’ve offered great advice to activists.

Green and Red is your one-stop shop for radical politics, activism, and history.

So please listen and tell us what you think.  Please share (and follow and like) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Best of all, tell your friends and comrades about Green and Red.   If you’re new to G&R, listen to a couple; if you’re a regular, take the time to catch up; if you have any comments or suggestions, send them to us.

We don’t make any money off this podcast so if you want to help defray expenses you can donate at or become a regular at

Thanks for the support thus far!  We’ve gotten great audience numbers and feedback and we’ve had a lot of fun, and will be going forward with all of you.  We have a world to win!


G&R Episode36:Struggle in Israel, The Growing Anti-Netanyahu Protests w/ Atalya Ben-Abba and Amitai Ben-Abba

YouTube video at

G&R Episode 35: The New Left and the Next Left.  What We Can Learn from 1960s Radicals

YouTube video at

G&R Episode 34: From “Burn, Baby, Burn” to Black Lives Matter. LA’s Watt’s Uprising 55 Years Later

YouTube video at

G&R Episode 33: Portland in Revolt

G&R Episode 32: “Atomic Diplomacy” and Hiroshima, 75 Years Later

YouTube video at

G&R Episode 31: A Murder in Austin, with anti-Police Brutality Organizer Debbie Russell

G&R Episode 30: Racial Violence, the Camp Logan Mutiny, and Confederate Monuments w/ Professor Clayton Lust

G&R Episode 29:  Radical Seattle with Professor Cal Winslow

G&R Episode 28: One Big Union? Not So Fast. Police Unions and Other Labor Struggles with Joe Allen

G&R Episode 27:  The End of the Age of Plastic with Stiv Wilson!

G&R Episode 26:  More Pandemic and Politics with Professor Sarah Koster

G&R Episode 25: Viet-Black Solidarity in a Time of Crisis, with Thao Ha

G&R Episode 24: Why Immanuel Wallerstein Matters

G&R Episode 23: Demystifying Antifa w/ Author Shane Burley

G&R Episode 22: The Military vs. Donald J. Trump. Generals Tell Trump to “Stand Down!”

G&R Episode 21: “8 minutes, 46 seconds.” The murder of George Floyd and uprisings in the USA, featuring Jeff Ordower

G&R Episode 20: “War is A Racket:” Measuring the true cost of war with Graham Clumpner

G&R Episode 19: May 19th! The Legacies of Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X (both born today)

G&R Episode 18: Michael Moore’s ‘Planet of the Humans’ and Its Discontents with Ananda Lee Tan

G&R Episode 17: Tin Soldiers and Nixon’s Coming . . . 50 Years After the Kent State Killings

G&R Episode 16: Shut It Down! Resistance in the Age of COVID-19 with Lisa Fithian!

G&R Episode 15: Mutual Aid in a Pandemic. NOLA Edition! With Jasmine Araujo from Southern Solidarity!

G&R Episode 14: Welcome Back Koster! Politics and the Pandemic with Prof. Sarah Koster!

G&R Episode 13: Martin Luther King vs. LBJ! King’s Radicalism and the Limits of the Liberal State

G&R Episode 12: Coronavirus in Italy and the Middle East, with Giuseppe Acconcia

G&R Episode 11: Rise and Fall of Liberalism and Poor Peoples Movements

G&R Episode 10: Mutual Aid and COVID19 with scott crow

G&R Episode 9: UC Strike!03/23/20

G&R Episode 8: Live From Italy! More Pandemic and Politics!

G&R Episode 7: Pandemic and Politics with Sarah Koster

G&R Episode 6: Populism and the New Deal, Do Those Words Mean What You Think They Mean?

G&R Episode 5: Climate Rebellion with Bea Ruiz

G&R Episode 4: Stupor Tuesday! Bob and Scott dish the dirt on the liberal establishment!

G&R Episode 3: The Story of SHAC with Jake Conroy

G&R Episode 2: A conversation with Staughton Lynd

G&R Episode 1: Kick off with Bob and Scott!


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