Trump Tax Returns? Really?

So several media outlets are reporting that the new House in January is going to demand Trump’s tax returns  (See Here).

Really? That’s at the top of the “to do” list??

The election was about health care, gun safety, immigration, wages, etc. and they’re still obsessed with what a bag of shit Trump is. Is there some magical line where if you just discover one more piece of disgusting personal info about Trump, or expose one more hypocrisy, he’ll suddenly fold and become vulnerable?

The man isn’t subtle or covert–he’s not some Wizard hiding behind a curtain (well, maybe a Grand Wizard).  He’s been repudiated by millions already, and still has open followers.  In 2016, it was possible to say that we didn’t know what he was really about.  In 2018, DeSantis and Kemp ran campaigns that would make George Wallace and Ross Barnett proud, and won.  Like the Yankees and Notre Dame, you hate Trump or love him . . .

Trump doesn’t care what the media or Dems say and his people don’t care. So his tax returns show he’s a rich guy who cheated on his taxes . . . that makes him a “capitalist.” It’s not his Achilles heel. It’s a waste of energy.

This is why American politics, and esp the Dems, are utterly incompetent. Instead of dealing with problems real people face and reckon with their own failures (Klansmen were elected governor in FL and GA), they play these games.

3 red states expanded Medicare, 2 southern states increased the minimum wage, 3 states legalized weed in some form, FL gave the vote back to 1.5 million people. Polls showed majorities are sympathetic to immigrants and opposed to Trump’s hard line. Most people opposed Kavanaugh. I don’t know if that means Americans are progressive, but it surely means that the media and Dems either don’t know or won’t tell you what this country really is about.

Last night, “Trump Sucks” was enough to take back the house.  Relying on two more years of that, or the Mueller investigation, or another woman coming out with some story about Trump isn’t going to damage him.  Two GOP reps under indictment won last night . . .

Obviously, it’s good to see Trump experience some failure. But waiting on a Hail Mary play from a Blue House of Reps isn’t going to go far. So it’s time to shitcan Pelosi (and Schumer and Hoyer and Clyburn) and do something serious.

By the way, when’s the last time you heard someone from the GOP use the word “bipartisanship?”







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