Resist! (Start Building the Homecoming Float)

resistThese are dark times for many of us who have certain political and human ideologies, who actually give a damn about each other and the planet in general. I’m reading and seeing alarm and panic and real fear–and that’s not unwarranted. (But, by the way, I remember the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush elections and there was a similar, dire fear of what would happen–Trump’s not as unique as the opposition makes him out to be).

But what’s missing almost fully is the idea of RESISTANCE! “Trump’s gonna do this, Trump’s gonna do that, Trump’s gonna turn American into Nazi Germany.” Well, to quote a famous senator, John Blutarsky, “Fuck that Shit.”

Progressives/liberals/whatever have been sitting on their hands for 8 years amid Obama’s drone wars, Wall Street giveaways, civil liberties outrages, and so on, so they should be well rested and ready for RESISTANCE. Trump is the best organizer that American activists have–every time he says something, the resistance can grow exponentially. Just look at what he and his followers have done in little more than a year–he was a laughingstock, given no chance to get 10 percent and now he’s the fucking president. If his people can do it, then those of us who fight the power can do it better.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Cry a few more days, take a few Ativan or a swig of Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker or White Lightning or whatever, and then get to work. Start building that homecoming float right now. For our comrades below the Mason-Dixon line, convert the General Lee to the Wheels of the People.

No Justice, No Fucking Peace!

Hasta la victoria siempre

(Dedicated to Scott Parkin and Scott Crow especially)

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