Oligarchs Want Cruz Control

“Cruz gains steam with 2 wins on ‘Super Saturday’” 

(Washington Post Headline, 6 March 2016)

e9e2161f-0611-4086-868b-9ab050380818Donald Trump has really rattled the ruling class. Cruz won a few more delegates, but yesterday’s results were consistent with previous GOP primaries yet the media and frightened Republican politicos are all out there pimping Ted Cruz now (the Grey Lady also has the “Cruz has momentum” narrative).  Indeed, Cruz’s campaign hasn’t approached the success of Bernie Sanders on the other side, but the same media elite have declared him DOA and anointed Hillary already.

Here’s what’s important, I think: It’s not that Trump is different from past oligarchic leaders (esp. in the GOP) but in fact  he’s troublesome because he’s so open, crude, and vulgar about the way they think. Trump’s not saying anything new really, he’s just doing what he does in plain view.  He avoids the bullshit rhetoric about liberty and humanitarianism and all that “hopey, changey” stuff and cuts to the bone.  Trump doesn’t represent the “beginning” of something new and ugly, and he’s not the “product” of Fox News; he’s an American politician who’s lost his inside voice.  Homer Simpson often says “think it, don’t say it,” before he says it.  Trump doesn’t even have that level of control over his thoughts–he just blurts out what the ruling class would otherwise only say behind the  doors of the Bohemian Grove, at Davos, in the hallowed halls of Ivy League schools.

Think about it–Dick Cheney was Veep for 8 years and Trump is the most dangerous guy around? Reagan opened his campaign in Philadelphia, MS and gave us an obese black “Welfare Queen” to scapegoat. Nixon adopted an openly racist “Southern Strategy.” Bill Clinton killed a retarded Black guy to boost his numbers in the New Hampshire primary and, with the support of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, passed one of the most draconian crime bills in modern history.

Trump has unwittingly provided Americans with an important education.  He’s laid bare the facade of American “democracy.”  He’s given first-hand evidence of the way the ruling class thinks and acts, and also given us insight into how many other Americans think that way.    Ben Hooks once said something along the lines that he was more afraid of a liberal in a Brooks Brothers suit than a southern man in a white hood.  Trump’s a two-fer, the dressed up guy who lets you into the after-party to see how vile the 1 Percent really is, and also the angry man appealing to desperate white men who have lost hope and blame Blacks, Muslims, women and other groups for it instead of the capitalist bosses who run society.

And Cruz, who seems to be the the oligarch’s choice to play General Custer, is in fact worse than The Donald. A genuinely scary man who perhaps believe all the ghastly stuff he says. Trump’s merely the magician who lets the audience in on his act to see how he does his tricks. Choosing between Trump, Cruz, Clinton, etc. is like deciding whether you want a lethal injection, guillotine, or electric chair.

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1 Response to Oligarchs Want Cruz Control

  1. waqarjamil says:

    This is a great article. More than ever, the candidates reflect how the people actually are. Democracy is something America is not.


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