Green & Red Podcast, the Best of 2022

Green & Red Podcast just finished its third calendar year of episodes and we’re over 200 now, something we only dreamed about when we started . . . so thanks to all of you.

Scott and I always put out a list of our favorite episodes from the year, and here’s mine. This is always hard because we’ve had so many great guests and done so many great shows about history and politics, so we encourage you to check out our entire playlist, not just these. Having said that, here’s my list of some of my 2022 favorites

  1. The JFK Episodes–we had a lot of fun this year talking about the legacy of John F. Kennedy, and in particular the various theories behind his assassination and why the Left should not see him as a hero

Here they are:Noam Chomsky on “JFK Revisited”

Why Oliver Stone and “JFK Revisted” are Full of S**t

The Buzzanco-DiEugenio Debate on JFK

2. The Ukraine Seminar–just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine we began doing backgrounders on the situation there and we’ve continued to cover the war with interviews and shows on the history of the conflict and the issues involved. Check out our Ukraine Seminar playlist, at

3. Karl Marx’s Birthday–we commemorated Marx’s birthday with a great discussion about Marx’s work and legacy with esteemed scholar David McNally, at

4. Pop Culture and Politics–we love doing shows on lefty pop culture and this year we had a few that were great, including

Bob Dylan’s Million-Dollar Birthday Bash w/ Michael Stewart Foley

Leave the Gun, Take the Podcast: “The Godfather” at 50  and its Political Meaning

We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes: Cold War Culture in the Reagan Era w/ Prof. Andrew Hunt,

5. The most recent show on my list, which we just did,

What’s Really Happening in Peru? Interview with Professor Carla Toche in Lima,

Bonus: Noam Chomsky on “Why the Democrats Suck” —

and our encore of a 2020 interview with Staughton Lynd, who died in November, Remembering Staughton Lynd, Encore of 2020 Interview

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