Noam Chomsky talks about the 1960s on Green and Red Podcast

We recently had a great, lengthy discussion with Noam Chomsky about the 1960s radicalism, the New Left, The Black Panthers, SDS, the Vietnam Antiwar Movement, Student protests, feminism, “woke” politics, and much more. We also provided some edited clips of his interviews on our YouTube channel to highlight some of the more intriguing parts of the discussion.

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Here’s a list of all the Chomsky interviews and where you can find them:

Full interview on YouTube:

Full interview Podcast:

NC on “The Responsibility of Intellectuals”:

NC on Identity Politics and “Wokeness”:

NC “Bragging” about debating McGeorge Bundy and getting thrown out:

NC on the Black Panthers and 1960s Campus Radicalism:

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