Memo to Jill Stein: “I Cost Hillary the Election”

I don’t know any of the Little League candidates running who ran for Prez in 2016, but I do have some advice for them, which I offer here: Take the Rap. Take the hit.  Stand up, say it loud and say it proud–“I beat Hillary Clinton.”

Of course you didn’t, no more than Ralph Nader caused Al Gore, the guy who couldn’t even carry his home state, to lose in 2000.  And, to be accurate, both Gore and Clinton got more votes than their GOP rivals.  And, in both cases, Democrats and Liberals were quick to blame, with vitriol,  the Green candidates whom they charged especially cost them the White House.  (Here’s an example).  Nader should have said “I beat Gore, and I’ll keep beating Democrats until they actually represent the working people of America.”  Don’t run from the issue–embrace it.

Hillary Clinton cost Hillary the White House.  Bill Clinton’s meeting on the tarmac cost Hillary the White House.  Running a campaign to appeal to Goldman Sachs cost Hillary the White House.  Ignoring  working class voters by not even campaigning in states won by Sanders in the primaries cost Hillary the White House. Calling a huge chunk of your opponent’s supporters “deplorables” cost Hillary the White House. The Clinton Foundation’s crony deals with thug countries cost Hillary the White House.  The candidate’s inability to defeat what was considered the weakest candidate in U.S. history cost Hillary the White House.

Clinton’s refusal to just call in sick from a visit to the Twin Towers and instead collapse on TV cost Hillary the White House.  Hillary’s refusal to offer a simple early answer to questions about what was probably an ultimately inconsequential email server cost Hillary the White House. Clinton’s decision to peel off Suburban Republicans instead of going after traditional votes cost Hillary the White House.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and all the other occupants of that clown car known as the DNC cost Hillary the White House.  Using the phrase “Middle Class” almost exclusively while Donald Trump talked about “Working Class” people and “the poor” cost Hillary the White House. Democrats putting on their quadrennial political minstrelsy in lieu of actually dealing with conditions in the African-American community cost Hillary the White House.  Crafting a foreign policy more hawkish than Trump cost Hillary the White House.  And I could go on.  But, really, the entire fecal political history of the Clintons, over a quarter-century, ultimately led to the greatest defeat in U.S. political history.  All she had to do was NOT be Donald Trump, a condition about 7 billion of us share, and she failed.  She ran a campaign that makes those of McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry, et al look inspired.  She’s the 1969 Super Bowl Colts of politics.

So back to Stein and Gary Johnson and the others, whom are so insignificant they’re not even worth looking up.  Liberals are still insisting that they cost Hillary the election because if they’d not actually voted for the candidate whom they wanted to be elected president, they’d surely have voted for Clinton (not vote for someone else or stay home) and she’d have won enough states to win the election.

So fall on your swords. Put your heads on the chopping block.  Cop the plea.  Take the fall.  Say it, “I beat Hillary Clinton.”  Say it again, and again, and again . . .   Get into a Spartacus-like line and send a clear message.  No justice, no votes.

Stein got about 1.2 million votes, or about 1 percent, so you can see what a political powerhouse she was.  Actually, I suspect a lot of people in contested states voted for Clinton even though they preferred Stein, far more than voted for Stein actually (so, in fact, Clinton probably got more Stein votes than Stein did). Her campaign for chrissakes was run by a huckster lawyer from Houston who was laughed at by most serious activists in his home town.  The other “major” fringe candidate was the Libertarian Gary Johnson, who stood out mostly because he was pro-Weed.  Since I don’t think he’s worthy of a detailed analysis I’ll just use my late father’s go-to line, “he couldn’t find his dick in the dark.”  The other candidates, who cares?

So, Jill Stein, say it, “I beat Hillary Clinton.”  Then take a deep breath and add “And I’ll do it again.”  And then go on a roll, like Bluto in Animal House when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and explain why you did it and why you’ll do it again–because this caricature of a political party going around proclaiming itself the party of “working people,” the defenders of “middle class values,” the champions of “people of color” and other “identities,” is a sham, a camouflage for a cadre of Wall Street bankers, lawyers, global corporations, union leaders who don’t give a rat’s ass about their working-class members, “intellectuals,” and wine-sipping Liberals who wouldn’t be seen with a real working-class person outside of a photo op or while getting their cars detailed.

Now, if this letter was directed at Bernie Sanders, it might actually be serious, because he got a lot of votes and had real support.  But, despite his claims of being a SOCIALIST, he was sheepdogging for Hillary and essentially said the same things that Nixon and Ford said in the 1970s and Mondale and Dukakis ran on a decade later.

So, Jill Stein, if you don’t want to take on the burden of blowing up the Democrats, as Nader should have done in Y2K, forward this to Sanders and see if he’ll do it.

Hell, you can even take it a step further and start publicly making the case that Hillary Clinton cost you the election.  If people hadn’t voted for her, they’d have voted overwhelmingly Green and we’d be preparing for the Stein inauguration.  Why not?

Right now, Dems, you don’t have the White House, the Senate, the House of Reps, or even much more than a dozen state legislatures.  You’re in deep shit, and responding to crisis by doubling down with Schumer and Pelosi and pondering a “Biden in 2020” Campaign (which to be honest would be a big improvement–much like the Lakers in 2016-17 over Kobe’s final year, it can’t get worse).

In the meantime, all of you people defending your support of Stein, start practicing saying “yeah, we beat Clinton and the Dems and we’ll do it again unless you take our shit seriously.”  Kind of like a heart attack makes someone quit smoking, maybe a few “progressives” will actually hear this and do something . . .

Nah, forget it.  If losing to Trump isn’t enough to make you kick the habit, nothing will . . .

So I’m starting a bandwagon, “Charlie Sheen in 2020: He’s Trump, But With Class”


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